Jackson State football coach Deion Sanders gave an update on his health status in a four-minute video on Thee Pregame Show’s YouTube page entitled “Lord I Thank Ya…”

God helped Sanders through his hospital stay and he expressed thanks to God. Sanders, who had to miss the last three games due to complications following foot surgery, was finally released. Since the operation, Sanders hasn’t spoken to media.

“Lord I thank you, I see you hear me say that and you don’t know where that comes from,” Sanders said. “It’s a wheelchair right here and I’m in that chair, nevertheless I say Lord I thank you. I can’t walk on my own and people have to help me get in and out of everything, but I say Lord I thank you. It’s hard to even make it to the bathroom by myself without the assistance of others, but Lord I thank you.”

Sanders asked himself this question: What can Sanders do to thank God for his suffering when it’s so difficult for him?

“Because I’m alive. Here’s another chance for me to help. See I often say when much is given, much is required but we don’t understand the backside of that,” Sanders said. “So you think I’m going to praise him up here and I can’t praise him when I’m going through my affliction. Only the devil can see that I make changes. That’s why I am going through my affliction.

Sanders has returned to work this week and is back at campus. Other than the video, Sanders has not spoken publicly about his current health.

Jackson State head coach Deion Sanders scoots back to the sideline after checking on one of his injured players during the game against Delta State at Veterans Memorial Stadium in Jackson, Miss., Saturday, Sept. 25, 2021.

Sanders stated, “You don’t know what I have dealt with.” “You have no idea what the voices I’ve heard, you have no idea the pain I felt, you have no idea what I’m going through, and still Lord I thank you. You are my friend.”

Uncertain if Sanders will be coaching against Southern Saturday.

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Sanders claimed that he still believes in God’s ability to make things work out for the best. 

“When there wasn’t nobody in there in the hospital at night, I believed,” Sanders said. “When people were in the hospital at all hours of the night beside me, that was when I believed. Right now, I am here to say that God knows and I believe. You will see it as a beautiful story. When you look at the glory, it’s going be beautiful. This will be an amazing thing. Thank you, Lord.

Source: USAToday.com


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