California’s devastating hurricane that hit the State of California has ended. Now, the East Coast is preparing for heavy rain and windy conditions. 

New York, New Jersey and Connecticut were among states facing flash flood warnings as the storm travels the coast.

A nor’easter, which began Monday, is forecast to continue until Wednesday. Although there were no reported disruptions, the wind gusts could reach 60 mph.

The National Weather Service in New York tweeted Tuesday, “Several additional inches of rainfall is expected. Travel today with caution and extra time.

What exactly is a nor’easter?

A nor’easter, or storm wind blowing north from North America northeast, is an extreme weather phenomenon. The storm develops between Georgia and New Jersey, but hits the New England area with maximum intensity, according to the NOAA. 

Flood and historic storm warningsNew York floods as flooding occurs in other States, and East Coast is battered by nor’easter.

Flooding, landslidesAfter it struck the West Coast, photos show its aftermath

It is a contraction for “northeastern”, which refers to where the wind is coming from.

The storms typically dump a lot of rain or snow, are known to batter the area with hurricane-force winds and can cause coastal flooding. It is also possible to experience blizzard conditions.

The difference between a hurricane versus a nor’easter

Although hurricane season lasts from May to November, you can easily compare the heavy storm with a hurricane. However, a nor’easter is not the same. 

They are technically both cyclones, and they form over the Atlantic Ocean. However, hurricanes can thrive on warm air, while nor’easters prefer colder air. 

They usually happen when?

Most severe nor’easter seasons occur between September and March. 

Record nor’easters have caused billions of dollars in damage and severe disruption to transportation. Some notable nor’easters include the notorious Blizzard of 1888, the “Ash Wednesday” storm of March 1962, the New England Blizzard of February 1978, the March 1993 “Superstorm” and the recent Boston snowstorms of January and February 2015.

Contributing: Jessica Presinzano


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