MILWAUKEE — Prosecutors in Wisconsin on Wednesday charged the man facing six homicide counts in the Waukesha Christmas parade with 71 more counts.

Darrel E. Brooks Jr., 39, is set for a preliminary hearing Friday in the case. Investigators believe he drove an SUV into a Christmas parade in November, leaving six people dead and more than 60 injured in the suburban Wisconsin community.

Brooks is facing dozens upon dozens of charges The charges of recklessly putting safety at risk by using a dangerous weapon can cause serious injuries and threats to parade participants as well as spectators during the Nov. 21 event. The charges each carry a possible penalty of 7 ½ years in prison.

Prosecutors also added six counts of hit-and-run involving death, for the same six fatalities already charged as first-degree intentional homicide, two counts of bail jumping, and two counts of domestic abuse battery.  The penalty for hit-and run involving death includes 15 years prison.

RED FLAG IN WAUKESHA – AUTHORITIES MISSENTED:Suspect is accused of domestic violence

WAUKESHA EFFECTNational safety is being hampered by a surge of weaponized vehicles that plow into crowds.

An amended complaint states Brooks’ girlfriend, as well as incidents that occurred in Frame Park at the time of Brooks’ arrest and the following day.

According to court records, Brooks was arrested in Milwaukee County for endangerment on July 2020. He posted bail of $500 in March. On Nov. 5, Brooks was arrested again in Milwaukee County for allegedly running over his daughter’s mother with his SUV. After posting $1,000 bail, he was released from jail and left two days prior to the parade.

Brooks’ attorney, Jeremy Perri, didn’t immediately respond to a message seeking comment. Brooks was held in Waukesha County Jail with $5 million bail.

His preliminary hearing is Friday morning.

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