Was he able to swing?

The question will be asked over and over again for decades to come, debated throughout a lifetime. 

Gabe Morales the first base umpire called up Wilmer Flores the San Francisco Giants’ first baseman on a swing. He also struck third to bring an abrupt halt to Game 5 of the National League Division Series. 

Morales responded to the call following the game. “The plate umpire appealed for the check swing, me, and I thought that he went. So I called it swing.”

Morales answered that he had seen the replay of the match after he was asked.

Was he feeling the same? 

Morales explained that “check swings” are among the toughest calls. It’s difficult to see the swing live from multiple angles because I don’t have access to multiple cameras. It happened live and I was convinced he did go, which is why I called it swing.

It ends up as a controversial call, with the Dodgers advancing to the NL Championship Series to face the Atlanta Braves, beginning Saturday.

Gabe Kapler, Giants manager said that it was “super tough” during the conference call. It’s not what you want, Gabe Kapler of the Giants said. “Obviously it isn’t how you would like it to end. There’s no guarantee that it will be successful in that at-bat. But it’s a difficult way to end it.”

Three-time Cy Young winner Max Scherzer faced the Giants in the bottom ninth. The Giants were hoping to win a walk-off victory. Kris Bryant of the Giants reached first base after Kris Bryant was hit by Justin Turner’s fielding error. Scherzer then struck out pinch-hitter LaMonte Wade Jr. on five pitches for the second out. 

Down to their last chance, Scherzer tossed an 89.7 mph slider past Flores, who was called out on a check swing heard ’round the world, sending the 107-win Giants home for the winter.

Dodgers right-fielder Mookie Bets spoke candidly after the game when asked about the decision.

In a TBS interview, he stated that “I didn’t believe he went.” But I am not the one making the decisions. It is as it is.

Source: USAToday.com

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