After multiple animals became infected with COVID-19, three snow leopards died at Lincoln’s Children’s Zoo.

The zoo released a Facebook statement saying that the loss was “truly heartbreaking” and they are grieving with one another.

The zoo announced that Ranney and Everest snow leopards were positive for symptoms. Sumatran tigers from the Zoo also displayed symptoms and were positive. According to the zoo, they have now fully recovered.

According to the Zoo, they used steroids and antibiotics on their animals.

“The Zoo did a comprehensive investigation of everyone who was in close proximity to felids. After the outbreaks were discovered, the zoo reported that no evidence has been found to prove the cause.

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Vaccines:Cincinnati Zoo administers COVID-19 vaccine for 80 animals – from giraffes to great apes

Many animals in zoos have contracted the coronavirus, including the snow leopards. The snow leopards NeeCee, Kimti and Meru all tested positive at the Louisville Zoo and recovered from their illnesses late last year. Ramil and Naphisa, two snow leopards at the San Diego Zoo, tested positive this summer after zookeepers noticed coughs.

Others zoo animals, including gorillas, lions and tigers, have also been exposed to COVID. Some cases can be attributed directly to handlers. Many zoos vaccinated animals. Eighty animals at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden received two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine created for veterinary use as of last month.

Lincoln Children’s Zoo didn’t say whether their animals had been vaccinated.

According to the Zoo, “The Lincoln Children’s Zoo will remain open to the public” and that it continues to use every precaution possible to keep COVID-19 from spreading to animals and humans,



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