Sen. Ted Cruz decided to battle Big Bird on Twitter for promoting the COVID-19 vaccine for kids, and “Saturday Night Live” of course took on this A-list feud by sending up GOP politicians, Britney Spears, Joe Rogan and “Sesame Street.”

Saturday’s cold opening brought “kids down to Cruz Street,” with a returning cast member Aidy Bryant playing Cruz. He introduced himself to the audience as “a Texas senator” and was invited last Thanksgiving. Because Big Bird and “Sesame Street” have been teaching children “dangerous ideas like numbers and kindness,” this Cruz decided to create his own street: “It’s a gated community where kids are protected from woke government.”

Bryant Cruz had some guests including Marjorie Taylor Greene, (Cecily Strong), who carried an AR-15. She said that the episode today featured the letter “Q: Not the letter, but the man.” Big Bird (Kyle Mooney), came out of the hospital, feeling a little ill after receiving his shot. “My feathers fell out … and my joints don’t work.”

COVID-19:Ted Cruz bristles to get Sesame street’s Big Bird vaccinated

He was told by the fake senator to take a Borax bath, but Pete Davidson’s Rogan arrived to give his medical advice. He said that he used to host “Fear Factor” and that doctors now fear him. Big Bird was told to take zinc as well as horse medicine. 

Big Bird asked, “Why would a bird use horse medicine?” Big Bird asked. Rogan responded: “I’m a human and I took horse medicine.”

The cold open also had appearances from a Bert and Ernie who were “out and proud,” though Cruz clarified, “They’re out there every day fighting the progressive agenda”; Oscar the Slouch (Chris Redd), who got so much stimulus money from President Joe Biden that “I decided to quit work and live in this trash can”; the Recount Count (“I’m moving to Arizona!Chloe Fineman’s Spears was also there, all focused on the word of this week, liberty: “Oh My God, you guys! We did it!”

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