Marc Cohn and Method Man aren’t names you typically see in the same sentence.

But “SNL”’s Pete Davidson – aka the Steward of Staten Island – achieved the glorious marriage with “Walking in Staten,” a love letter of sorts to the New York borough set to Cohn’s 1992 classic, “Walking in Memphis.”

In the black and white video shOwn during this week’s “Saturday Night Live,” Davidson brags about putting on his “bootleg Jordans” before he “touched down in the land of Colin Jost and the legendary Wu-Tang.”

The video mocks the proliferation of bagel spots and pizza joints (there’s even a bagel place IN a pizza joint) and calls on the ghost of actor Robert Loggia, a Staten Island native, before cutting to present-day Cohn, sitting on his couch on the phone.

“No, I don’t want to be in a parody of my own song,” Cohn says with annoyance.

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But he is already there, joining Davidson, Big Wet and their creative partner Big Wet to wear an “I (Hearts Staten Island)” hoodie.

As the trio jokes about Chris the Hobby Guy (of YouTube fame), drinking White Claw and the weirdness of nobody caring about the wild turkeys hanging out by the local hospital, Davidson sings about once seeing Method Man hitting a “hole in one, at the Safari Mini Golf.”

Enter the Wu – or at least just Method Man – who raps over the trademark piano lick of Cohn’s song, “My Yankee hat a statement and middle finger to Boston.”

When someone asks, “Tell me, are you Italian?”, Method Man naturally responds with the same gusto from Cohn’s song, “Man, I am tonight!”

But Davidson, who perpetually talks about his love/hate relationship with his hometown, ends on a typically wry note: “Welcome to Staten, where everybody’s dreams go right down the drain.”

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