Your Zodiac sign can influence how likely you are to get vaccinated.

It is unlikely.

But that didn’t stop health officials in Utah from investigating vaccination status by astrological sign, finding that vaccination rates varied widely by star sign. 

Scorpios were not pleased with the outcome.

At the top spot were Leos with a 70% vaccination rate and Aquarius at 67%. Virgos were at half the rate, with Scorpios last at 46%.

Three of the top four signs are fire signs, which astrologer Anne Nordhaus-Bike said “makes sense.”

“Fire signs want to lead the charge,” said the Chicago-based astrologer, who goes by the name Astrologer Anne. “They are fired up by enthusiasm.

Salt Lake County Health Department is a friendly competition organization that aims to promote more vaccines.The results were tweeted Their analysis sparked an avalanche of tweets, as users on social media praised or criticized their star sign’s rank.

State data shows that 59% of Salt Lake County residents have been fully vaccinated.

Nordhaus Bicycle said that the results were not surprising, and included the top spot.

“Leos set a high standard for their own behavior,” she stated. “They are driven to be right. They are eager to be the leader.

Leo and Aquarius are the two top signs. These socially-oriented signs may need to have their vaccines quickly in order to avoid being around others again.

In the middle of the pack, Taurus and Libra are both ruled by Venus, which has a characteristic “sense of fickleness” that can make these signs indecisive, Nordhaus-Bike said. Gemini, Libra and Libra rank close to the middle. They are all air signs and can get too focused on their vaccinations.

Meanwhile, both the top and bottom spots include many “fixed signs” that tend to be stubborn and “strongly think either I’m doing this or I’m not doing this.”

Nordhaus-Bike stated that she was surprised to find Scorpions in the last spot, as they are frequently associated with good health.

She said that Scorpio was not always a sign of trust. Scorpios feel like everything has profound consequences. They can literally feel death or life, which could get them in trouble.

As Leos celebrated their first place, Scorpios on Twitter lamented their spot on the list with many calling it embarrassing.

“It’s the only time that I have ever felt embarrassed by being a Scorpio.” One user on social media tweeted.

“Fellow Scorpios, I will fight for you” Another thought.

Even the Health Department joined in on dunking Scorpios in its tweet’s disclaimer.

The COVID-19 vaccination is supported by science, and in no way is it influenced by the horoscopes,” said it. But Scorpions, get on board!

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