As members of the selection panel weigh these two intriguing, but ultimately insignificant decisions, they will undoubtedly determine this week’s College Football Playoff rankings.

  • Georgia is the leader.

Ohio State has one choice, as it just defeated Michigan State in one the marquee games. Alabama was the second option. Although it didn’t draw as many eyes on Saturday afternoon due to its defeat in Arkansas, Alabama still beat a top-quality opponent.

  • Who will replace Oregon among the top four?

Cincinnati won against SMU in an easy win. These things can be difficult, particularly given the past history of disrespect and cynicism towards Group of Five teams during the playoffs.

This is why these questions won’t be boring, but they are not going to stay with you: A second Saturday on the Big Ten will resolve any unanswered Big Ten questions. And the Saturday before Christmas will make the decision as to which four teams will finish in the Top Four.

These are the playoff rankings for Tuesday night.

1. Georgia (11-0).

Jordan Davis, the defensive tackle for Ohio State will be receiving his Heisman trophy love. He added a touchdown run to his lengthy list of accomplishments. Given the way Ohio State quarterback C.J. Stroud is thriving in conference play, while Alabama’s quarterback Bryce Young provides stability for an offense that lacks consistency.

2. Alabama (10-1)

Based on Arkansas’s affection, the Crimson Tide should stay just inches ahead of the Buckeyes. This is a result of Arkansas’s well-deserved love for Crimson Tide. Arkansas lost the game in the fourth quarter with a loss of one possession. Some conspiracy theorists might suggest that Alabama should remain No. The committee could keep Alabama at No. 2 with Georgia’s close defeat, however that would require some foresight as well as critical thinking.

3. Ohio State (10-1)

You can’t help but be amazed at the OSU’s contribution to Michigan State. It would also seem impossible to criticize OSU’s two-place rise from No. This week’s ranking is 4. This week’s rankings are a source of outrage. The 49-point win does put Stroud into a slight lead for the Heisman while giving all three top OSU receivers — Garrett Wilson, Chris Olave and Jaxon Smith-Njigba — another argument for All-America accolades.

4. Cincinnati (11-0)

This was a moment that will be remembered in college football history, both in playoffs and program. The Group of Five team cracked the top 4 and advanced to the semifinals. After a win of 48-14 against the Mustangs (8-3), the Bearcats will be on the committee’s list.

5. Michigan (11-1)

Cade McNamara’s strong performances have helped the Wolverines to a win against Ohio State. McNamara, despite not posting any stats in Stroud’s park, has played well in a system where the defenses are more slow-moving. Michigan is 14th for time of possession compared to Ohio State’s number 78.

6. Notre Dame (10-1)

After defeating Georgia Tech 55-0 in their sixth straight win, the Irish have been lurking behind this elite group. A seventh is coming against Stanford, but then that’s it: Notre Dame will be done at 11-1 while others — most importantly, at least two teams lower in the rankings — play a 13th game and possibly win a Power Five conference championship.

7. Oklahoma State (10-1)

This side of Georgia is the nation’s most effective defense. It has given up 23 points over its four previous games. Saturday’s win over Texas Tech, 23-0, was OSU’s first conference road victory since 1995. OSU earned a place in the Big 12 championship. First, Bedlam against Oklahoma. 

8. Baylor (9-2)

Baylor’s 20-10 win against Kansas State won’t be overlooked by the committee, which may no longer toss around the phrase “game control” — and we’re all grateful for that — but will not ignore how the Bears throttled a team on a four-game winning streak. 

9. Oklahoma (10-1)

For the Sooners, getting back to the top 10, after winning Iowa State would mean a lot. The Sooners have the chance to win two against the Cowboys and are on the brink of making it into the playoffs. Although it will take some effort, 12-1 OU would be ahead of 11-1 Notre Dame. They are ready to pounce if there is any chaos in these final two weeks.

10. Ole Miss (9-2).

Ole Miss was ahead OU last week in rankings so Vanderbilt’s win could allow the Rebels to maintain their lead. Oregon and Michigan State are the other big losers from this weekend. However, neither side seems to be likely to win the benefit of doubt. This is especially true for Oregon which had been enjoying the non-conference victory against Ohio State and has since lost all contact with the committee.



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