Paris Hilton and Carter Reum are officially married.

Reum’s proposal on Hilton’s 40th birthday nine months ago, was nine months later when Reum said “I do”.

Hilton shared her veil via social media, giving people a glimpse of her wedding gown.

“My forever begins today…” she wrote. 

Thursday also marked the release of the first episode of their 13-part Peacock docuseries “Paris in Love,” which details the couple’s road to the altar. 

Hilton announced in February that Reum, 40, popped the question after surprising her with a private island getaway trip to celebrate her milestone birthday with close friends and family. 

“When you find your soulmate, you don’t just know it. You feel it,” Hilton wrote in an Instagram post. ” We walked along the shoreline to dinner, and Carter led us towards a cabana decorated with flowers. He then dropped to one knee. Carter asked me if I wanted to be with him forever. There’s no one I’d rather spend forever with… Let’s love forever!

Earlier on Thursday’s episode of Hilton’s podcast “This is…Paris Getting Married,” she and Reum reflected on what they were most nervous and excited about ahead of the big day. 

Reum stated, “It will definitely be your fairytale marriage.” “That first kiss and that first hug and as we always say, the electric bolts that are going to shoot between us — I’m going to think about all those memories.”

Hilton stated that she was anxious about her first dance. Hilton said that she was not “accustomed to ballroom dancing. It’s not something I enjoy.” Hilton stated. “Plus I’m going to be in this huge gown that has a long train… this dress is so long… so I’m just nervous that (my husband and father) are going to step on it. Everybody please pray for me.”

Reum prefers to have a French-style, good-quality kiss.

Hilton declared, “But all is perfect.” Hilton said, “But everything is just perfect.” There are many emotions at the moment. 

Here’s how to Love:Paris Hilton proposes to Carter Reum at her 40th Birthday

Reum, an entrepreneur and venture capitalist, enlisted Jean Dousset, the great-great grandson of French jeweler Louis-François Cartier, to design a diamond ring Hilton described as “breathtakingly beautiful.” On the beach, he proposed in front a cabana that had letters reading “marry my.” 

The two began dating in December 2019, and Hilton gushed on their one-year anniversary about having found her “partner for life.” She was previously engaged to Chris Zylka in 2018. 

Speaking to USA TODAY last December, Hilton said she was “so incredibly happy and in the best relationship of my life.”

She said, “I finally feel like a grownup and am so excited to move on with my life. I want to start a family and grow up.” 

Hilton has also made waves in the world of activism lately: Following the 2020 release of her documentary “This is Paris,” in which she made accusations of verbal and physical abuse against a boarding school she attended as a teenager, Hilton has vowed to continue using her platform to advocate for change.

InterviewParis Hilton refuses to back down after alleging that she was subjected to abuse in her former school.

Last month, she visited Washington, D.C., to lobby for reform in what has been dubbed the “troubled teen industry,” calling on Congress and the Biden administration to take action by providing funding and requiring states to “prove that children’s basic rights are being protected.”

“Congress and President Biden need to enact a basic federal ‘bill of rights’ for youths in congregate care,” she wrote in an op-ed for The Washington Post last month. Every child in such facilities should be entitled to a humane, safe environment free of threats or practices that solitary confinement and chemical and/or physical restraint. If such rights had been in place and enforced, we and many others could have avoided the trauma and abuse that has haunted our lives into adulthood.

Hilton indicated that she intends to keep fighting, USA TODAY reports.

“My priorities have completely changed,” she said. “I’m not as concerned about having fun or being a party girl anymore. I’m more excited about being an activist and really using my voice and my platform to help make change and make a difference in the world.” 



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