PHOENIX — The Phoenix Suns’ win streak continues. 

Devin Booker led the Suns to a 112-104 victory Friday night over the Dallas Mavericks, who were without Luka Doncic for the second consecutive game after he tweaked his left ankle and knee on Monday. This marks the beginning of Suns have the longest win streakThe 2006-07 team won winning streaks that spanned 15 and 17 games. 

Coach Monty Williams says it is not his DNA to do that.

After the Suns win, he stated that despite being aware of the situation, his mindset was to improve and focus on what is going to make it possible for him to be successful. I want the players to have fun with it. “I want it to be enjoyed by the fans.”

Chris Paul said the team is definitely enjoying the run: “It’s been a lot of fun because regardless strength of schedule or not, it’s hard to win one game in this league. The experience from last year makes this an enjoyable year. These guys aren’t taking this as a given.”

It was similar to their 10th victory against the Mavs that Suns won 11 consecutive games.

They entered the final quarter leading by five points. That’s the same margin they were holding going into Wednesday night’s loss against the Suns. Like Wednesday’s loss to the Suns, the Mavs were unable to finish the game. The Suns went on a 15-2 run to start the fourth quarter, taking a 94-86 lead with 7:27 left.

They never looked back. Booker got it done on both sides of the floor: He blocked Jalen Brunson’s layup with 4:20 left and nailed a 25-foot three with 4:14 left to put the Suns up 103-90, the largest lead in the game.

Williams stated that “our defense was able to sustain our energy, particularly in the fourth quarter where we require not only stops but also consecutive stops.” This allows us to build momentum.

Phoenix Suns guard Devin Booker and Phoenix Suns guard Chris Paul  look on against the Dallas Mavericks during the first half at Footprint Center.

After Mikal Bridges’ hit on DeandreAyton, the crowd at Phoenix’s Footprint Center began to head toward the exits. With 2:00 remaining, it was a sold out show. 

Bridges played a flawless game scoring 19 points with 7-for-7 field shooting, and including 3-for-3 on the 3-point line. But, Booker said that should be the last time Bridges has one: “He better not have a perfect game again… At least be 7-8. Shoot the next one from half court… I’m going to talk to him about that.”

Williams also agreed. “We are going to keep pushing (Bridges) to shoot,” he said. “His heart is to just make the right play, but for me, taking the shot is the right play when he’s open.”

Bridges claimed that there is a simple solution. Booker and Paul should have given him the ball more: “The ball is out of my hands… Them boys be getting them up. The ball is theirs all the time.”

Paul, who ended the night with 18 points and 14 assists, added that Bridges “better be on the all-defensive team this year.”

Matchup last: Phoenix Suns defeat Luka Doncic-less Dallas Mavericks to win their 10th straight victory

We can only wonder what might have happened had Doncic been there. The Mavs lost their top player and played an intensely contested match that saw 19 lead changes, five tie breaks, and nine other play-offs. But Doncic’s absence was felt in the Mavs’ inability to close out the game.

Doncic was ruled out ahead of Friday’s matchup after he injured his left ankle and left knee during the final seconds of the Mavs’ win over the Denver Nuggets on Monday.

The Suns improve to 12-3 with the victory, while the Mavs fall to 9-6. The Suns and Mavs face off again at Phoenix’s Footprint Center on Friday. 



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