Mississippi athletic director Keith Carter and head football coach Lane Kiffin apologized Saturday afternoon for tweets from the Ole Miss soccer TwitterThe tweets targeted Hugh Freeze (liberty university football coach) These tweets were removed later.

Carter told ESPN, “These tweets weren’t who we were in Ole Miss athletics.” These tweets were removed immediately upon learning about them. To express my deep regret, I spoke with Ian McCaw (Liberty’s athletic director). We are going to try harder in the future.

ESPN reported that Kiffin didn’t learn about the tweets after his postgame press conference. 

ESPN reporter Kiffin claimed that she has no association with Ole Miss’s football Twitter account. I’m embarrassed anyone would post something like this, making it appear like it was Ole Miss football. This was very disrespectful and classless. I sincerely apologize to Liberty Freeze and Hugh Freeze, even though they had no part in it.

Ole Miss defeated Liberty 27-14 on Saturday. Freeze, who was previously the Rebels’ head coaches from 2012-16, was playing his first Oxford match. 

Another tweet deleted by Ole Miss ridiculed Freeze’s tweet from 2013 regarding NCAA compliance. One tweet included a picture showing Freeze in 2019 as a coach at Liberty’s football match against Syracuse. 

Freeze received high praises for Saturday’s reception at Ole Miss. 

“Just first I want to say to the Ole Miss people, thank you for your kindness to me and my family,” Freeze said. “It couldn’t have gone any better from that regard. Obviously, I don’t like losing and wish we had a chance to win at the end, but as far as the reception from the Ole Miss people last night at the hotel in Tupelo when we arrived or when we’re walking into (the locker room) at halftime, I felt they were just incredibly kind. It’s an answered prayer for Jill and I.” 

Liberty University Head Coach since 2019 is Freeze. 

Erik Hall, the USA Today Network’s lead digital producer for sport is responsible. On Twitter, you can find Hall. @HallErik 

Source: USAToday.com

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