WACO, Texas — The game was essentially over.

A handful of seconds stood between Baylor and a shocking upset over Oklahoma on Saturday at McLane Stadium. The Bears held a 24-14 lead with 43 seconds left when they took a quarterback knee at the Sooners’ 13-yard line.

Baylor fans screamed in excitement at the end of the game, but with just three seconds left the Bears called timeout.

Fans stormed onto the field in protest. But the announcer of the stadium begged for their return.

Amongst the chaos, OU players hid in the tunnel.

Lincoln Riley, the head coach at OU, stated that “it became a safety concern.” I care about my players’ safety… “I’m pulling them off… I find it unbelievable that officials won’t enforce a penalty of 15 yards when there are probably 5,000 players on the field.

Officials urged OU not to leave the sideline after it was overtaken by Baylor supporters. Security had already taken them to safety.

The Sooners took approximately 10 minutes to agree. The OU staff finally summoned eleven players from the tunnel. This was enough to play the last game.

You don’t need more. It’s not more.

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While the Sooners were expected to line up for another quarterback kneel at Baylor, Baylor was thinking of something different. Instead of the Sooners lining up for another quarterback kneel, Baylor had something else in mind. Riley stood on the field while Hankins kicked the ball through all the uprights. The Bears won 27-14.

Baylor fans inundated the pitch within seconds. Riley briefly met Dave Aranda, Bears head coaching assistant at midfield, for a short handshake. Then they moved on through the crowd to enter the tunnel.

Riley spoke out about the field goal. I wouldn’t do it. However, he made that decision. It’s his decision. 

In all fairness, the Sooners haven’t always followed the code of sportsmanship either.

OU caused some damage to the Big 12 when it joined the SEC with Texas. Aranda however claimed that he tried the field goal late because of a different motive.

Baylor is right in the middle of a heated race for the Big 12 title, and Aranda opted to kick the field goal for point differential in case of a three-way tie.

Aranda explained that Riley was upset. “I consider Lincoln my friend so I know we will talk quickly.”

In actuality, the extra three points won’t help Baylor’s cause in the Big 12 title race.

Point differential is used to break a three-way tie in which the tied teams’ results against the rest of the conference teams are exactly the same.

This season that scenario doesn’t exist makes the field goal in the final seconds useless.

Delarrin TurnerYell, senior safety said that seeing Baylor kick a goal at the final game was “kind of crazy” to her. What is the point of kicking a goal? It’s third down with three seconds left. Why don’t you just kneel the ball and get off the field? Maybe that’s something they have with their program.”

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Source: USAToday.com


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