Nick Saban spoke for about four minutes straight, uninterrupted. 

While he was at Baumhower’s Victory Grille to record his radio program, a caller inquired about Saban’s ability to get the team to ignore the noise from Alabama expected to win. 

“For instance, with Arkansas,” said the caller, “We were supposed to blow their out, then we don’t. It was because we have created such an atmosphere that we know we are going to win.” “We don’t even know how much we will win.”

Saban then began to reply.  

Saban stated, “I’ll tell ya what, I’m glad that you go to that game that’s that way.” “I am too kind to the other side, have played in many matches, won or lost, and I respect them all.”

Saban explained that media will always create rat poison and that reality isn’t determined by what people think or how they play a particular game. 

Saban stated, “The greatest one is that every team loses 2 games,” Saban explained. The truth is that it’s the exact opposite.

He referenced how Texas A&M had just lost two games before defeating Alabama, and those two losses made the Aggies dangerous. Saban explained that LSU is the same and many people believed they would knock out the Tigers because they are “not good anymore.”  

Saban declared, “They’re rivals.” They are supported by their parents. They are proud of their achievements. They want to reach their goals, they have goals they are aiming to attain and they desire to excel. They aren’t content to give up. They are more determined to succeed. We want to be the best. Everyone will be playing their best. It’s hard to believe that people don’t get it. 

As Saban went on, fans started to pour in their cheers. 

Saban explained, “You might say that it’s unfair for our players to get everyone’s best games but they do.” “They must be able compete through that, and play over it. It’s not clear. Everyone was excited to win a match when I first arrived. No one is happy when they win a match. “We are not content to lose a game.”

The cheers increased. 

Saban stated, “We believe we should win games no matter what,” “I don’t think that’s fair to the players either, because our players work their butt off to be the best they can be, and to get criticized for what they work hard for to do, so that you can be entertained. To be able to enjoy their accomplishments and show passion.

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He explained that they are just college students. They go to school everyday, do their homework and then run to practice in case they have missed class. 

The restaurant was filled with cheers and clapping. 

“I mean, c’mon. Saban said, “Give us a break.” This isn’t professional football. They are not getting paid to be here. They are your representatives. It is important to be proud, happy and grateful for their efforts. 

The applause and cheers were holding steady while Saban’s voice raised, pushing the limits of the microphone. 

Saban stated, “You don’t know what else?” Nobody wants to lose more than they win. You, me and you don’t matter what fan you may be. No one wants more than players who play. Nobody.”

Alabama’s radio voice Eli Gold starts to speak, believing Saban is done. He was not. 

Saban stated, “And nobody is more hurt than when they lose.” “Nobody. For all the self-absorbed people out there, it’s okay to not see beyond your self. It is better to look at what others are doing. 

Nick Kelly, Alabama journalist: [email protected] Follow Kelly on Twitter at @_NickKelly



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