Aaron Rodgers is not with the Green Bay Packers when they take on Kansas City Chiefs Sunday. 

Three-time MVP, Packers quarterback and star of the Packers said that he had been “vaccinated” against COVID-19 in August. Turns out that consisted of not a vaccine but homeopathic treatment and medicines that scientists say don’t treat coronavirus, the quarterback said during a Friday interview on the “Pat McAfee Show” in which he cited Martin Luther King Jr.’s philosophy for not following protocols.

Since then, many have lined up to criticize Rodgers’ evasiveness and reasoning behind not receiving the vaccine, especially as he conducted himself around the media as a vaccinated player. On Saturday, a Wisconsin-based healthcare provider ended their partnership with Rodgers. The NFL launched an investigation, despite not disciplining Rodgers yet. Rodgers can’t come back to the team before next Saturday.

The criticism continued Sunday during NFL pregame shows. This is the roundup: 

Terry Bradshaw Fox Hall of Fame Quarterback

Aaron Rodgers needs some help. If he had just gone to the Naval Academy to learn how to be truthful, it would have been great. Don’t lie. Aaron, that is what you did. You lied to everybody. You lied to everyone, Aaron. Unfortunately, our players only see themselves. I find Aaron Rodgers extremely disappointing.” 

Jimmy Johnson, Fox Hall of Fame coach

I respect his approach to being an individual. This is a team sport. To be honest, his use of words to explain his actions disappointed me. His selfishness is what I find disappointing. 

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Michael Strahan and Fox – Hall of Fame DE

Martin Luther King was quoted at times, but this wasn’t one of those times. 

Howie Fox, Howie Long – Hall of Fame DE

“I agree with Aaron when he says ‘What I do with my body is a personal decision.’ It becomes a collective decision to take something home for your family, including your spouse, children and grandchildren. This team sits at 7-1. They are vying to be the team with the best record in football. 

Jonathan Jones, CBS Sports

Aaron Rodgers is a person who believes in his own body. I don’t disagree with what he says. The implication when someone states ‘I am a critical thinker’ or ‘I am a free thinker’ that they aren’t critical thinkers, or that they’re not free-thinkers, is that the people who were vaccinated weren’t critical thinkers. That you’re on a higher plane of intelligence than I could even conceive. This was something that I didn’t agree with. He then said, “Hey, all protocols were followed everywhere.” These protocols are very strict, but they apply to me everywhere. The weight room, the locker rooms. The one place he didn’t do it was in the public eye.

He then quoted MLK, saying “I don’t have to follow unjust law” but he did. Aaron Rodgers was too cute in his words, which led to Rodgers being caught and embarrassed. 

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Source: USAToday.com

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