A 15-year-old student was taken into custody Tuesday after authorities say he fatally shot three students and injured six other people, including a teacher, at a high school near Detroit. 

The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office said it received reports of an active shooter around 12:51 p.m. local time at Oxford High School in Oxford Township, a suburb about 40 miles north of Detroit.

The boy, a sophomore at the school, was taken into custody within minutes of the shooting, said Oakland County Undersheriff Mike McCabe. As a liaison for the school, he was assisted by a deputy. McCabe stated that during the incident, the suspect could have shot anywhere between 15-20 shots.

“He didn’t give us any resistance when he was taken into custody,” McCabe said. The entire thing took 5 minutes. 

Authorities did not say whether anyone was targeted and did not release any information about a motive. McCabe indicated that the authorities were looking into whether any warnings had been given before the shooting and if any past violence was present. McCabe stated that both students and other people would be interviewed. 

Unlocking one handgun (a semi-automatic) was possible. McCabe stated that the suspect (whose identity was withheld) invoked his right not to be identified and refused to talk in detail to authorities. 

Parents walk away with their kids from the Meijer parking lot in Oxford where many students gathered following an active shooter situation at Oxford High School in Oxford on November 30, 2021. 
Police took a suspected shooter into custody and there were multiple victims, between four and six, the Oakland County Sheriff's office said.

“I’m shocked,” said Tim Throne, Oxford Community Schools Superintendent. “It’s devastating.” 

Throne stated that the school does not have metal detectors, and did not believe there were any discussions. McCabe stated that authorities were aware of how the student brought the weapon into the school, but didn’t elaborate.

However, the identities of the victims have not been released immediately. 

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Some students were forced to hide in their classrooms after the school was put under lockdown. After police had secured the school, the suspect was taken into custody. According to the school district, parents were informed that the suspect could be picked up by them at a nearby facility. 

Oxford Community Schools announced that other schools were in lockdown to protect their safety. 

Officials were still sweeping the school Tuesday afternoon and a host of emergency vehicles were parked on the snow-covered lawn. Live streams from local TV news showed multiple medical helicopters landing at the school. Around 2:30, at least one person was taken into the helicopter.

Contributing: Lily Altavena, Liz Shepard and Frank Witsil, Detroit Free Press; Associated Press

Source: USAToday.com


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