On Tuesday, the so-called “Manning curse”, will continue to be evaluated.

Peyton Manning, Eli, and Phil Mickelson welcomed Phil Mickelson on Monday night during the “Monday Night Football” telecast. The conversation quickly turned towards the curse.

During the brothers’ six previous Manningcasts on ESPN2, the six active NFL players who appeared as a guest lost their next game. Furthermore, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski – two of the guests – suffered injuries after their appearances on the show.

So after welcoming Mickelson, Eli said, “There’s a little thing kind going around, people are talking about the thing called ‘Manning curse.’ Where apparently, if you come on this show and you’re an active football player, the next week you lose the game.

“Can you kind of do us a favor and tell people that there’s no such thing as a curse, that that’s not a real thing?’’

Replied, Mickelson, “No, I believe that it is a thing and that’s why I’m not playing next week. I didn’t know if it would carry over into golf or not.’’

Is it possible for this to be translated into basketball? Maybe we’re about to find out.

Draymond, an All-Star player for the Golden State Warriors was present on Monday as a guest of Eli and Peyton during the opening half of the match between the San Francisco 49ers and Los Angeles Rams.

Green will be playing in Brooklyn against the Nets on Tuesday.

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Al Michaels, the famous broadcaster joined the Manning brothers during the first period as a guest. Peyton wanted an apology – for something that happened almost two decades ago.

Peyton said that John Madden and Michaels were responsible for the Oct. 6 broadcast of the MNF matchup that saw Peyton and his Indianapolis Colts playing against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tampa Bay held a lead of 35-14, with just 5:09 remaining. However, Indianapolis prevailed in overtime to win 38-35.

“I threw a pick-six, I remember John Madden said, ‘Yeah, that kind of seals the deal,’” Manning said. “My point is, Al, all of my family and friends went to bed after John Madden said that and I got about 50 voicemails from close friends and family, ‘Sorry about the game, sorry you played so bad, keep your head up, good luck next week.’

“My question is, Al, do you want to take this time to apologize to all of those family and friends that missed one of the greatest comebacks of all time?’’

No luck. Michaels pointed out it was Madden’s mistake and recalled of that night telling Madden, “John, we have to do anything to keep an audience. You can’t have them tune out.’’


Adam Silver, the NBA commissioner might be embarrassed by this.

Draymond Green spoke about how he fell in love with football as a child growing up in Saginaw (Michigan).

“We would put on two or three pairs of pants, three pair of socks … two coats and we would go outside and play in the middle of the streets in the snow,’’ Green said. “So, football to me, to this day, I still enjoy watching more than I enjoy watching basketball.’’


Green was criticized by the Mannings after he showed them a video of him playing tight in the spring 2011 game at Michigan State. Green was seen jumping off the sidelines and, with a smile on his face, he said that the Mannings conspired against the player for that play.

“Draymond, I’ll forgive you for jumping offsides,’’ Peyton said. “One decision I can’t forgive you for is you have agreed to become friends with Charles Barkley. How do we get you back to hating on Charles Barkley?’’

There were many other important decisions that merited consideration, however.

1) Aaron Rodgers, the COVID-19 vaccination controversy is not mentioned. It was a disappointing, but predictable decision from the Mannings.

2) No jokes about Peyton’s big forehead. Hallelujah! It is almost impossible to ignore the Rodgers controversy with no forehead jokes.


After a discussion about Peyton’s use of “Omaha’’ as a pre-snap signal with the Colts, Peyton offered some additional information to Mickelson.

“I don’t know if you know this, but in Indianapolis, before I said ‘Omaha,’ we actually had your name into our offense,’’ Peyton said. “We had a snap count called ‘Tiger’ and a snap count called ‘Phil.’

“It’s really irrelevant which one was on one and which one was one two. It was the Colts offense that you were involved in. How does that make you feel?’’

Mickelson responded, “Like someone in the Hall of Fame.”

Source: USAToday.com


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