Lane Kiffin, Ole Miss’ football coach, appeared on Friday’s “The Paul Finebaum show” as an invited guest. The program aired at The Grove in Oxford. 

Finebaum and Kiffin asked Kiffin many questions about Tennessee fan throwing objects on the Ole Miss field in Knoxville Oct. 16. 

Kiffin claimed that he didn’t feel in any danger and that only a small number of Tennessee fans had been involved.

Kiffin, however was less forgiving when it came time to dealing with the police involved. 

Kiffin explained that items were being thrown around the field and that his players should keep their helmets on in order to avoid any head injuries. 

Kiffin stated that players should keep their helmets on, and that he moved approximately 5 yards from the sideslines. “There were some cops right behind me. Which, by the way they didn’t do very well.” 

Kiffin began to talk about the police officers who were surrounding him when he left the field. Just as Kiffin reached the back end of the goal zone, a bottle came towards him. While several police officers ducked away, Kiffin raised his right arm to take the bottle. 

Kiffin explained that he was accompanied by the police officers who are supposed to guard him when he was walking off. They throw a glass. “They throw a bottle. The cops run, but I take the bottle. I found it hard to sympathize with our police officers.

“Was it your cops, or were they their cops?” Finebaum asked Kiffin. 

Kiffin said, “I believe that they were a combination.” 

Finebaum laughed, then stated, “They certainly had speed though.” 

Kiffin answered, “Yes!” 

Kiffin likens the Neyland Stadium to the Roman Colosseum

Finebaum and Kiffin had a conversation earlier in which Kiffin described the events at Neyland Stadium, Knoxville as the Roman Colosseum.

Kiffin stated that there was no preparation for this. It’s almost like watching the Roman Colosseum movie, where everyone turns against you. (Ole Miss quarterback) Matt (Corral) joked, ‘I felt like in ‘Gladiator’ where they do the thumbs down.’ When he was injured, everyone cheered. As you can see, there are passionate fans.

With 4:24 remaining in the fourth quarter Corral sustained an injury. Backup quarterback Luke Altmyer was called in to make a play.

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“When all that was going on and walking off the field and they’re throwing stuff and yelling stuff, just show love back and spoil them with kindness or whatever it is,” Kiffin said. It was rare to see them so passionate. However, this was just a small portion of Tennessee’s fans. It was not the entire stadium. They are amazing, enthusiastic fans. This place is rocking since the start, right from warmups. 

Ole Miss will play LSU on Saturday at 3:30 pm. ET Saturday

Erik Hall, the USA Today Network’s lead digital producer for sport is responsible. He can be found on Twitter @HallErik 


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