The verdict is in and three men have been convicted in the murder of Ahmaud Arbery.

Arbery (25 years old) was shot and killed by three men in Georgia while she ran through a neighborhood. This happened February 2020. Wednesday, a jury found Travis McMichael, who fired the shots, guilty on all nine counts, including malice murder and four counts of felony murder. His father, Gregory McMichael, was found not guilty of malice murder but guilty of felony murder and all other charges. Their neighbor, William “Roddie” Bryan, was found guilty of three counts felony murder, one count aggravated assault, false imprisonment, and criminal attempt to commit a felony. His malice murder conviction, one count felony murder and one charge of aggravated attack were not overturned.

Celebrities, media stars and personalities have reacted to the jury’s social media decision.

Viola Davis, actress wrote on Instagram: “As it ought to be.” Wanda Ahmaud Arbery was your mother ….. and it mattered. His life had meaning. This should bring you some peace. To jurors …..great gratitude for their righteous actions. The justice pendulum swung in the correct direction !!!!!!!!”

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Octavia Spencer’s heart also went out to Cooper-Jones. “Thankful that #AhmaudArbery received justice today! His mother and loved ones are my prayers! Instagram post.

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Claudia Jordan, actress and model was also thinking of Arbery’s mother. Pray for Ahmaud and her entire family. She tweeted. You should not have had to endure this. This will hopefully bring you some comfort, but I am sure that the grief from losing your son will not go away. #LoveAndHealing, to you all

Kirstie Alley The verdict was celebrated Wednesday, calling it the “2nd good court decision in two weeks” after the verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. “Keep EM Min,” she said.

Author Stephen King TwitterThat he is “happy that those three would be vigilantes are being sent to prison.”

“I’d be happier if Ahmaud Arbery was still alive,” he continued. He said, “That young man was a great person and these guys took his entire life away.”

Wanda Sykes is a comedian. “The Good Place,” actress Jameela JamilDeclared the verdict, “Justice.” Similarly, stand-up Kathy Griffin tweets: “It’s so gratifying to see justice being served.” Piers Morgan, media personality, applauded this verdict. “Justice has been done and it was by an almost all-white jury.” He tweetedwith the clapping of hands emojis

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But former football player and sports analyst Emmanuel Acho argued the verdict could not bring about justice. “As you digest the guilty verdict of Ahmaud Arbery’s murderers remember, this is not justice, but accountability,” He tweeted. Justice requires true restoration. However, accountability is the first step to justice.

People react outside the Glynn County Courthouse following guilty verdicts for the defendants in the trial of the killers of Ahmaud Arbery on November 24, 2021 in Brunswick, Georgia.

CNN host Van Jones tweeted similar sentiments. Van Jones, CNN host, tweeted similar sentiments. He wrote. “But this verdict is a big RED LIGHT to all vigilantes and wannabe cops who want to enforce their own made-up laws on people who don’t look like them.”

Politician Stacey Abrams, formerly a member of Georgia’s House of Representatives, hoped the jury’s findings would provide comfort. “A jury believed the evidence of their eyes and saw the meanness in the killers’ hearts,” She tweeted. “May this verdict bring a small measure of peace to #AhmaudArbery’s family and loved ones.”

Author Roxane Gay revealed her concern the accused would walk away. “Thank goodness there are cell phones and right verdicts. “I thought they’d let them go for good.” Twitter was her first port of call. “I am working toward embracing abolition because I know prison isn’t working but these three men can sit in prison and think about what they did. They will be there for a very long time. Peace, for as long as Ahmaud will be at peace, I believe.

Charles TrepanyN’dea Yaancey-Bragg and Raisa Habersham contributed to this article. Grace Hauck also contributed.



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