A Washington woman survived a collision with two semi-trucks that caused her vehicle to fold over itself.  

Washington State Patrol Trooper Rocky Oliphant shared on Twitter this week that “there’s really not a word to describe this collision,” tweeting images of a semi-truck on top of a crushed red Nissan Altima. 

Oliphant confirmed to USA TODAY that, as traffic slowed in Mount Vernon, Washington, the woman driving the Nissan was behind one semi-truck and in front of another. As did the female passenger in the car, the first truck stopped at the Skagit River Bridge.  

But the rear semi-truck “was following too close” and could not slow down before striking her car, Oliphant said.  

“The momentum of the semi continued forward and basically caused the Nissan Altima’s rear corner of the car to fold on top of itself,” he said. “After that happened, the semi-truck continued forward on top of the car.” 

“The rubber seal for the trunk was actually resting on the driver’s headrest, so that’s how close the metal came when it folded to her head,” he added.  

A Washington state patrol trooper approached the wrecked vehicle after the collision and heard the driver calling for help, Oliphant said. After a tow truck lifted the front of the semi-truck, the Altima driver was able to get out of the car through an opening on the passenger side of the car.  

According to him, the woman was admitted to the hospital for pain in her ribs as well her head. She also had a cut on her cheek.  

“Not only surviving but being able to walk from the car is just unreal, beyond words to describe that someone could walk away from that,” Oliphant said.  

The image quickly spread on social media, with reporters and others shocked by the crash. 

Officials cited the driver of the semi-truck at rear for following too closely other vehicles. 

Source: USAToday.com


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