Veterans Day will look different because of the COVID-19 epidemic, but it’s still important that veterans know what to do to them on this national holiday.

This Thursday will see veterans from all over the world and across the nation celebrated as part of a holiday that dates back more than 100 years to an accord which ended World War I hostilities. 

John Raughter (deputy director of media relations at American Legion), stated that while one veteran might find it complimentary, another person may find it offensive or condescending. 

“There are 19 million veterans, with 19 million different opinions.” 

Raughter, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, said it’s best to thank a veteran for their service and resume listening because if a veteran feels comfortable, they may open up more. 

He stated, “It’s not an occasion for anyone to voice their political opinions or question how many deaths or battles have they been in.” It is vital to keep in mind that Veterans Day does not only apply to combat veterans.

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Enjoy free foodVeterans get free food at many places. IHOP (Denny’s), Wendy’s, Applebee’s, Wendy’s, and many other places.

Raughter stated that it is not recommended for veterans to feel less like veterans if they have never been deployed. 

Shawn Brown is a U.S. Army Veteran and told USA TODAY people need to be careful not acting as if they understand what it was like for veterans.

Brown explained that “it gets under people’s skins, especially if veterans actually got down into the trenches to lose brothers and sisters during conflict,” Brown added.

If they are willing to talk, “Just be yourself and ask them what their most notable accomplishments were, professional or personal.”

USA TODAY spoke with Akilah McNair from the U.S Army, who said that Veterans Day was not the right time to deny support for the military.

“I’ve heard people saying they don’t want to support the military, but I haven’t had any bad experience with it,” she stated. 

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Veterans Day is different from Memorial Day, where the U.S. honours fallen soldiers. Raughter stated that you are more free to choose the right words to use.

He said, “I believe that one thing that rubs most veterans absolutely wrongly on Memorial Day” “It is not happy.”

Raughter suggested that thanking veterans is enough. If there’s a veteran-owned company in your region, you should go and visit it.

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