The “Dancing With the Stars”, a show that was based on the horror movie “Horror Night”, went totally insane.

Pro wrestler The Miz became a total Hellraiser, JoJo Siwa killed as a sinister Pennywise clown and Cody Rigsby went psycho as Patrick Bateman. Tyra Banks, the host of this show went completely Mummy.

But with Spice Girl Mel C’s abrupt departure last week on “Grease Night” – an elimination that came as favorite Olivia Jade was also on the chopping black – real fear hovered in the ballroom along with one big question.

 Who was going to get the axe in the pre-Halloween competition?

Jade says that the elimination last week was “really scary” in her predance video. This is what happened Monday on the dance floor:

JoJo Siwa had yellowish teeth and was an absolute clown.

It was great to see Siwa (age 18, a sunny soul) embrace Pennywise, the evil clown from “It,”

Siwa stated, “Oddly but I feel like myself,” in her horrible garb.

She had the freaky eyes, rotted, yellow teeth and wild red hair while performing a nightmarish jazz dance with partner Jenna Johnson to a surreal version of Cole Porter’s “Anything Goes.”

The end of the frenetic number featured Siwa pulling a fake arm off Johnson and biting into the appendage like a tasty drumstick.

As the surreal dance came to an end, the judges lost their minds. Judge Len Goodman made the most bizarre and greatest compliment of the year.

“I’m so glad I had on my rubber underpants,” Goodman said. 

With a sideways glance at Goodman, Derek Hough followed with praise, adding, “I’m also terrified about the rubber underpants. However, we will talk more about this later.

Bruno Tonioli said it was “terrifying, absolutely brilliant”. She gave the dancer 40 points out of 40 and she easily advanced to next week.

Iman Shumpert’s “Us” dance must be seen 

Lovable NBA star Iman Shumpert, 31, has shown understated brilliance and moments of heroic strength in the reality dance competition.

The judges and the studio audience were not prepared for the tribute to Jordan Peele’s horror flick “Us”. 

Wearing the doppelgangers’ red jumpsuits and showing the damned characters’ same wild moves, Shumpert and pale pro partner Daniella Karagach rocked the most insane, must-watch contemporary dance.

This happened during Iman Shumpert's dance with pro partner Daniella Karagach on "Dancing With the Stars" Monday night.

Shumpert was able to throw Karagach onto the shoulders of his 6-foot-5 body. He then spun more. Near the finish, there was a standing ovation from the audience. Hough stood on the scoreboard.

“I’m speechless,” said Hough, who attempted to give the couple an 11 score. It was something that people would watch again and again.

Tonioli described it as “your masterpiece performance.” The couple received 10s from all judges for an incredible 40 out of 40. This could be the final chance for the NBA champion to win it all.

Olivia Jade muses after near-elimination: ‘I guess people don’t like me’ 

Olivia Jade, who built a 1.3 million Instagram following as a social influencer, was spinning mentally wondering why she ended up in the bottom two last week and nearly got bounced.

“I guess people don’t like me,” the young star, who became embroiled in the 2019 college admissions scandal, said in her opening video.

Jade, 18, pondered said aloud that she couldn’t count on America to vote for her, and she vowed to knock it “out of the park” with her dancing.

Her “Purge”-themed paso doble with partner Val Chmerkovskiy in a blood-stained dress was at least a multi-base hit. Jade made a heartfelt plea at the end: “Please vote, we are having so much fun!”

They were impressed by the performance. The judges were impressed by the dance. “Can you bring yourself back to life?” Goodman wanted to know. With her judges’ scores of straight 9s (36 out of 40) and a clearly surging viewer vote, the haters were silenced as Jade easily skated to next week.

Kenya Moore and partner Brandon Armstrong get fearful on "DWTS" horror night.

Who went home then?

Kenya Moore, 50 of “Real Housewives of Atlanta”, has fought bravely to climb out of the lowest “DWTS” tier. After a remarkable recovery from a bottom two possible elimination, which controversially sent Matt James (29), home, Moore had previously pulled off a miracle-resurgence.

But the writing was on the wall Monday, as Moore found herself in the unprotected bottom two (based on combined viewer votes and judges’ scores) along with Olympic star Suni Lee.

We will not discuss how Lee managed to get into the top two after a stunning tango performance and just being an 18-year old college student, Suni Lee.

This contest was not even close.

The Olympic gymnast was allowed to continue on the floor by all three judges. Goodman, who was the tie-breaker judge for this season’s competition, didn’t even have to weigh-in (which is good considering his poor tie-breaking record).

Moore was kind in defeat.

“I just want to say thank you for this opportunity, it’s been a dream come true,” she said as the credits rolled.

Tune into Nov. 1 at 8 PM ET/PT for the next “DWTS” episode.


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