A police investigation began after Ohio officers pulled a person out of their vehicle and took him to the police station. The incident occurred despite his repeated claims that he can’t use his legs.

Clifford Owensby, a suspect in a drug deal was arrested on September 30th by officers in Dayton. According to police, Owensby had a history of drug use and weapons that led him to be stopped by police.

Police say that department policy dictates that all occupants should leave the vehicle after a “free air sniff”. This involves a K-9 walking around the vehicle in search of illegal narcotics. 

The department released body camera footage that shows Owensby and officers walking towards the vehicle. Owensby is told by an officer to get out, but Owensby insists that he cannot. I’m a paraplegic.” 

Owensby refused to let an officer help him out of his car. He said that Owensby could not get out of it and would sue him if he did.

Owensby called someone to ask them for cameras so they can “see what’s happening,” as bodycam video footage shows. Owensby requests that the officer call his supervisor.

Owensby was then asked to get out of his car and the officer said, “You are getting out of that car.” If you are willing to cooperate, I’ll either drag you from the car. Are you able to see the two choices?

Owensby then screams as the officers pull Owensby by the arms and hair out of his car. According to police, Owensby was seen “grabbering onto the steering wheel” in the car that he was driving. 

Owensby was handcuffed by police while he was kneeling on the back. He was then taken to a car. Owensby can be heard screaming for help, as officers drag his body.

Police said Owensby was placed on the ground “in order to secure him.” Police also said the K-9 dog alerted to a bag containing $22,450 in cash in Owensby’s car, meaning “the money had been in close proximity to illegal drugs.”

In a statement Dayton police said Owensby was taken to a hospital, examined and released. Police said that an investigation was initiated into the incident on Oct. 1. 

According to the statement, “We know that this incident has provoked a lot emotional reactions in Dayton (Ohio) and we ask you for your patience as this investigation continues.”

Owensby told theDayton Daily News, he received scrapes from the pavement and re-injured a previous back problem during the incident. Owensby stated that he hopes for “some kind of discipline action.”

According to the newspaper, a report by police cited Owensby with misdemeanors for obstructing formal business and resisting arrest. However, Owensby was not charged. 

“I feel like they don’t even respect me as a citizen,” Owensby told the newspaper.

Matt Carper, the police department’s interim director and chief, said Friday that upcoming training for all Dayton officers and supervisors will include diversity, equity and inclusion as well as deescalation, bias-free policing and procedural justice.

“We need to do better, and this can be done by further developing the mutual respect and accountability to make our city safer,” Carper stated.

Contributing: The Associated Press

Source: USAToday.com

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