Warning! The following post discusses important plot points and the ending of “Halloween Kills,” so beware if you haven’t seen it yet. Michael Myers is also to be avoided.

Judy Greer has been a screen actress for over 30 years, playing sidekicks, best friends and supporting characters. Final words gets to step up and take on a legendary cinema bad guy – only to meet the business end of his knife.

The horror sequel “Halloween Kills” (in theaters and streaming on Peacock) unleashes masked murderer Michael Myers again on Haddonfield while heroine Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) recuperates from a gnarly stab wound (see: end of 2018’s “Halloween”) at a local hospital. Her daughter, Karen (Greer), initially wants everybody to stay there and be protected, including Karen’s teen daughter Allyson (Andi Matichak), but she also joins the fray as townsfolk track Michael back to his childhood home.

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To save Allyson, Karen removes Michael’s iconic mask and takes it into the street, luring the villain out so her neighbors can kill him once and for all. Michael fights back silently and kills his attackers, before killing Karen. It leaves audiences with a cliffhanger, wondering where Laurie (who doesn’t know her daughter’s dead yet) and the survivors go from here.

The next installment “Halloween Ends,” which begins filming soon, will “take a leap in time” and catch up with the community in present day, director David Gordon Green says. “Everybody has their process and time does a lot to the intellectual realization of these events.” But Curtis teases: “It is mayhem, by the way, with a capital M.”

Unfortunately, Greer, 46, won’t be a part of the long-running franchise anymore, though she’s not at all bitter. In an exit interview, the actress – who next stars in HBO’s upcoming “The White House Plumbers” with Justin Theroux and Woody Harrelson, and the NBC limseries “The Thing About Pam” with Renee Zellweger – talks about her “Halloween Kills” death scene and the deleted ending fans didn’t get to see.

Ranging:All of the “Halloween” movies, including the sequel “Halloween Kills”, are available.

Question: What’s the coolest part about being in two “Halloween” films?

Judy Greer:To jump in to a well-known franchise can be really exciting. If our first movie wasn’t such a success, then I probably wouldn’t say it. However, everyone loved it and it was so satisfying to get it back.

Q: Do you have more “Halloween” fans or “Ant-Man” fans?

Greer: I do so much more in the “Halloween” movies, so my fans are more excited about me. And “Ant-Man,” they’re more excited about Ant-Man and I just happen to stand next to him sometimes.

Judy Greer (right, with Abby Ryder Fortson) plays ex-wife to the title superhero in the "Ant-Man" movies.

Q: Did you come into the “Halloween” films as a fan yourself?

Greer:When I was younger I watched the 1978 film, and was a big fan. But I am terrified of horror movies. I don’t watch tons of them, because I have nightmares, I’m still afraid of the dark and I travel with a nightlight and am not ashamed to admit it.

Q: What if you’re still in the two films?

Greer: I’m still like that. This movie scared me, even though I had read it and felt like I was there!

Karen (Judy Greer, left) consoles her daughter Allyson (Andi Matichak) in "Halloween Kills."

Q: So you’ve officially been murdered by Michael Myers. What’s that like?

Greer:It was truly beautiful. He’s going to be my killer, and that’s something I am really grateful for. It wasn’t as if I fell down stairs. My death was not too horrible, I thought. I find it more cinematic, and operatic. So I thought that was a cool way to do it.

Q: It’s also a meaningful death because Laurie’s It is reallyGoing to be on warpath right now.

Greer:Laurie, holding a knife and stomping off from the hospital was something they did not include in the final movie. It was amazing. While it’s not the perfect ending to this story, it was still very cool.

“I’ll be saying goodbye when I’m gone”:Jamie Lee Curtis discusses Laurie’s hospitalization in ‘Halloween Kills.

Jamie Lee Curtis (left) and Judy Greer attend the LA costume party premiere of "Halloween Kills."

Q: I had to Google if you’ve ever died on screen before. But you did get shot in the head playing a werewolf in 2005’s “Cursed.”

Greer: Yeah, and I was killed in this (1997) independent horror movie called “Stricken,” like my second acting job ever, that I shot right after I graduated from college. While I do have some memories of being thrown into the ditch, I cannot recall exactly.

Q: Did watching yourself get killed in “Halloween Kills” bother you?

Greer:Because it was not super-graphic, I could get myself out. It was really hard for me to watch Dylan Arnold (who plays Allyson’s boyfriend Cameron) get killed because it was so graphic and I love Dylan so much. I immediately texted him after the screening and I was like, “Your mom can’t watch this movie, dude. Trust me.”

Q: Which one will get the most enjoyment from watching you die?

Greer: Gosh, I suppose my enemies, whoever they are (laughs). It’s an interesting question. Perhaps my husband because that means I won’t need to leave and go out again to shoot the next.

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