• Julius Jones was convicted in 1999 of murdering Paul Howell by carjacking, but he has always maintained his innocence.
  • Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt has yet to say whether he would grant clemency, as recommended by the state’s Pardon and Parole Board.
  • Jones was scheduled to be executed in McAlester’s Oklahoma State Penitentiary.

In the waning hours before Julius Jones’ scheduled execution, his mother gave a heartfelt monologue proclaiming his innocence outside the doors of Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt’s Office on Wednesday.

She may not have another chance to represent her son before his last breath. Jones will be executed on Thursday, April 4, at 4 PM CST (absent any intervention by Stitt). 

Madeline Davis Jones stated, “If my kid is executed tomorrow or any other day, it should not be with any doubt, without any question.” It is impossible to make anyone come back if you are sorry. It is not necessary to be sorry. Be sure.” 

The building echoed with “Free Julius!” chants after her remarks. 

Stitt was not yet able to comment on Wednesday if he will grant clemency as suggested by the Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board. 

Davis-Jones’ comments came shortly after she saw her son for what might be the final time and on the same day as hundreds of students at schools across the Oklahoma City metro area walked out of class in support of Jones.

Jones was convicted in 1999 of the murder of Paul Howell, but he has maintained his innocence. Jones is due to be executed by lethal injection at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary, McAlester. 

It was not my involvement. “I wasn’t there.” Jones admitted that he did not know that his son had been murdered until after the fact at a clemency hearing held Nov. 1. 

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Madeline Davis Jones and other family members and friends address the media about Julius Jones execution at the Capitol Wednesday, November 17, 2021.

Prosecutors have disputed Jones’ claims of innocence, saying his 2002 trial showed clear evidence of his guilt and that the campaign to free him is based on misinformation. 

Millions of people signed petitions in support of him, while hundreds participated in protests demanding his release. The Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board voted 3-1 to reduce his death sentence to life imprisonment with parole.

Howell was 45 years old and working for his family’s insurance and bonds company when he was murdered in his driveway and his vehicle was stolen.

On Wednesday, hundreds of people gathered to support Jabee Williams, a local rapper. Jabee Williams has led the fight for Jones’ release. 

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“Julius told me yesterday, ‘Jabee, if they kill me, make sure they can’t do this to anybody else,'” Williams said. 

Stitt has the power to adopt, amend or refuse the recommendation of Pardon and Parole Board. In order to allow Stitt more time to decide, the governor may grant a temporary stay of execution. 

Ex-Gov. Brad Henry was a Democrat who instituted 30-day executions stays multiple times to make himself more available to discuss clemency options. 

Stitt’s office told pastors Tuesday that Jones’ clemency request was a matter of deep faith.

The Oklahoma State Penitentiary in McAlester, Okla., Wednesday, Nov. 17, 2021.

Governor, you have the time. Stitt, to get this right,” said Cece Jones-Davis, the founder of the Justice for Julius coalition who was one of the speakers at the Capitol during Wednesday’s prayer vigil.

Jones, if executed, will be placed on a bed fitted with intravenous cables according to Oklahoma Department of Corrections protocol. To monitor Jones’ heartbeat, an electrocardiogram is performed. 

Jones has two minutes left to speak after the execution order has been read. Jones might decline to speak. 

Jones will be allowed to speak and the execution will start. 

Executions are carried out using three drug procedures: midazolam and vecuroniumbromide, as well as potassium chloride.

Once the first chemical has been administered, Jones will be checked for consciousness by a doctor. After he is confirmed unconscious, the second and third chemicals will be administered to put him to death.

Source: USAToday.com


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