Police said Wednesday that four people sustained injuries in an attack on a Texas high school. Three of them were taken to the hospital.

Suspected gunman Timothy George Simpkins, an 18-year old student, turned himself in and was in police custody Wednesday afternoon after initially fleeing the scene, said Kevin Kolbye, the Arlington assistant police chief.

Simpkins, who was held in Arlington prison on three counts of aggravated attack with a deadly instrument and $75,000 bail was taken into custody

The shooting happened during a fight on the second floor of Timberview High School in Arlington, Kolbye said. Officers received calls of a shooting around 9:15 a.m., Kolbye said, adding that three of the victims were students.

Kolbye explained that more than 2 or 3 shots were fired. At least two of the victims had been shot. Two victims who were shot were expected to remain in the hospital. Kolbye stated that one of the victims was still in intensive care. Kolbye said Wednesday that another person, possibly grazed with a bullet, was due to be released from hospital. One fourth individual was also hurt, but not required hospitalization.

Kolbye explained that the student who was involved in a fight got into an argument and used a firearm to defend himself. The incident wasn’t a random act. This isn’t somebody attacking our school.

Kolbye stated that one of the victims was an “older person who may be a teacher.” A pregnant woman may have fallen during the incident and received medical treatment, he said. He said that the woman didn’t go to hospital.

Texas Governor. Greg Abbott addressed an unrelated news conference held at the U.S. – Mexico border. He said: “We grieve to everyone who has been harmed, or impacted, in any manner whatsoever.”

The student allegedly brought a firearm into the office, but officers were unable to say why. Kolbye said the gun police believe was used was recovered on the street in nearby Grand Prairie. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is expected to run ballistics on the weapon, Kolybe said.

Students and staff were initially locked in their classrooms and offices, but the building was given the “all clear” late Wednesday morning, the Mansfield Independent School District said in a statement. Kolybe stated that all students were evacuated by Wednesday afternoon.

The school district was setting up a parent reunification point nearby, Police confirmed the news via Twitter. More than 1,800 students attend Timberview High School.

The incident is the latest shooting in a school since the beginning of the academic year. Several schools, finally back to in-person instruction after more than a year of remote learning, have locked down in recent weeks because of shootings, striking panic among students, staff and parents.

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