A retired utility worker from Maryland has scratched off a $2 million lottery prize — for the second time.

The 65-year-old Salisbury, Maryland man had won $2 million playing the $2,000,000 Richer scratch-off game several years ago and continued to play the game. During the coronavirus pandemic, he bought two tickets at a local Exxon station and realized one of the scratch-off tickets had a “Gold Bar” emblem over a $2 million prize, Maryland Lottery officials said.

He also had a winning ticket, which netted him a $100 cash prize. The man put the $2 million-winning ticket in a safe and waited until just before the expiration date to redeem it. 

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Maryland Lottery began offering the $2,000,000 Richer scratch-off game in 2019, with prizes from $30 to $50,000 and six top prizes of $2 million. November 1st is the last day you can claim your prizes.

The winner said he planned to use the latest $2 million prize to pay for home improvements and a family vacation, according to the Maryland Lottery. He was able to also retire with the previous $2 million prize.

The man recommended that other lottery players do not anticipate such a result, despite his good fortune. Instead, they should enjoy playing for the chance to win, as opposed to expecting a winning ticket.

That’s good advice, as even lottery winners who wind up with a big payout don’t necessarily find happiness. Many lottery jackpot winners discovered that the winning streak can bring about misery.

Mark Cuban, an entrepreneur and Dallas Mavericks owners said that lottery winners should be cautious not to turn into an ATM. He stated that family members and friends may ask for money. However, he advised them not to. “Feel free to help some, but talk to your accountant before you do anything.”

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Source: USAToday.com

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