BRUNSWICK, Ga. — Greg McMichael didn’t know if Ahmaud Arbery was armed or where he was running from last year when he grabbed his gun and began chasing him, an officer testified Tuesday. 

McMichael is one of three defendants charged with murder in Arbery’s death early last year in a small, coastal neighborhood of Brunswick. Arbery was shot by McMichael’s son, Travis, after they and neighbor William “Roddie” Bryan cornered Arbery after spotting him jogging in their neighborhood. 

Jeff Brandenberry, a Glynn County police officer, told jurors Tuesday he interviewed Greg McMichael at the scene of the shooting. 

Greg McMichael told Brandenberry he believed Arbery was responsible for break-ins in the neighborhood and got his own weapon before pursuing him because he didn’t know if Arbery was armed. 

“I don’t take any chances,” McMichael told Brandenberry, according to a transcript of his bodycamera video.

“I don’t know where (Arbery) was coming from down there,” McMichael told Brandenberry. McMichael was asked if Arbery owned a gun and he replied: “No. I don’t know. I mean I couldn’t tell if it’s one on him or not.”

After the shooting, Greg McMichael said he checked Arbery for a weapon.

According to Brandenberry’s bodycam video transcript, Greg McMichael later told another person that Arbery “attacked” his son.

“To be perfectly honest with you, if I could have got a shot at the guy, I’d have shot him myself because he was that violently —” McMichael told Brandenberry before being interrupted by a bystander, according to the body camera transcript. 

Greg McMichael and Travis McMichael’s attorneys stated that Travis McMichael stopped the pickup truck, and Arbery fled toward Travis. Travis fired his weapon in self defense. Bryan recorded video that appears to show Arbery speeding past the pickup truck before turning left in direction of Travis. He appears to point a gun at Arbery.

The prosecution meanwhile claims that Arbery was under attack and trying to flee.

This is the second week of testimony. So far, the jury has heard from six witnesses for the prosecution – all law enforcement officers – and have seen a series of graphic photographs and videos from the day of the shooting. 

On Monday, Ricky Minshew, a former Glynn County police officer who was the first on the scene, told the court he spoke with Bryan, who told Minshew that he blocked and cut off Arbery.

“Should he have been following me? I don’t know,” Bryan said, according to a transcript of Minshew’s body-camera video read in court Monday. 

Glynn County police officer William Duggan said Friday that, when he arrived, he saw Travis McMichael covered in blood. The officer asked McMichael if he was OK, prompting him to quickly reply, “No, I’m not OK, I just ‘effing’ killed somebody,” according to Duggan.

The department’s detective was present at the station Tuesday morning.

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