FORT SMITH – Ark. — Three people are dead and a police officer is recovering from surgery following a knife attack in northwest Arkansas, authorities saidSunday

The attack happened on Sunday in Fort Smith, Arkansan, located about 160 miles northwest of Little Rock. Fort Smith Police Chief Danny Baker announced that police officers responded to a call about an argument with weapons at 6:45 a.m.  

Upon arrival, an officer found a man, Christofer Conner, hitting a 15-year-old boy in the face and head with a rock. As the officer tried to place Conner, 40, in restraints, the suspect pulled out a knife and sliced the officer’s throat and neck, Baker said. 

According to the Associated Press, Conner was killed by two bullets fired by the officer. 

Conner’s child was identified as the boy. He was declared dead by hospital staff. He had been stabbed multiple times and sustained blunt force trauma.

Police found Julia Marie Moore, 42 years old with multiple stab wounds inside the house. They also saw evidence that there had been a violent attack. A 5-year-old child, also found inside the house, was placed with relatives.

The police did not identify Conner Moore’s parents immediately. 

Aric Mitchell, Fort Smith Police Department spokesperson, stated that the officer had been in surgery on Sunday morning. 

Administrative leave will be granted to the officer who was injured. An additional officer, not involved in shooting, will also go on leave, but “pending further treatment”

Baker explained that Fort Smith is an amazing community. “When unimaginable tragedies happen like this, they leave us angry, frustrated and, for some, even homeless.” When such an unavoidable outcome occurs, it hurts as hard as each one of us.

“I am grateful for the officers who put their lives at risk when there is evil in our neighborhood. Thank you to the medical team that took care of my officer. I am thankful for a community who pulls together in times of tragedy.

According to the department, Arkansas State Police was asked to conduct an investigation. Arkansas State Police spokeswoman Bill Sadler stated that they could not provide additional information right away. 

Mitchell and Sadler stated that they could get more information from authorities later on Sunday afternoon.

Contributing: The Associated Press


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