A passenger’s gun went off in an “accidental discharge” at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport’s main checkpoint Saturday afternoon, causing panic at the busy airport and prompting an investigation.

According to Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the release occurred around 1:30 PM at the airport security screening area.

TSA released a statement saying that the transportation safety officer located a “prohibited object” in the passenger’s bag while checking it at the main checkpoint. The TSA also began a bag search. According to the TSA, the “prohibited item” was discovered by a transportation safety officer while X-raying a passenger’s bag at the main checkpoint. The TSA claimed that the passenger “lunged into his bag and grabbed a gun, which discharged.”

Hartsfield-Jackson Airport Officials The incident was called an “accidental discharge”.

According to TSA, the passenger ran from the airport exit. Officials at the airport said that there had been no incident. no active shooterAt the airport 

TSA stated that “early reports indicate that three individuals sustained injuries not life-threatening.” We don’t know how these people got hurt. 

Visitors posted video to Twitter about the noise, which sent social media into chaos. Flights to Atlanta were temporarily stopped at other airports in the United States due to a ground stop. Around 3:30 PM, the Atlanta Police Department issued an all clear. All normal operations have been resumed.

Officials said that an investigation is underway into the incident. 

According to Saturday’s statement, TSA officers detected over 450 firearms at Atlanta Airport’s security checkpoints.

According to the TSA, “Firearms especially loaded firearms pose an unneeded risk at checkpoints. They are not permitted in an airplane’s passenger compartment and can be costly for passengers trying to board with them.” 

If firearms are not loaded and kept in an enclosed, locked case that is hard-sided, travelers may bring them in their checked baggage. TSA states that travelers should present their case to check in at an airline counter.  

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Source: USAToday.com


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