HOUSTON – Rodolfo Angel Peña, 23, was an aspiring model and psychology student from Laredo, Texas, who dreamed of one day becoming a U.S. Border Patrol agent or seeing where his charm and good looks would take him. 

He and five friends traveled the five-hour drive from Laredo, Texas to Houston on Friday to see Travis Scott at the Astroworld Festival. His family had begun to make funeral arrangements by Saturday afternoon. 

Peña was one of eight people who died Friday night when thousands of concertgoers rushed to the stage to see Scott, overwhelming security and creating a chaotic nightmare. 

His older brother, Guadalupe Peña, said authorities told the family only that his brother died of cardiac arrest while at the show. 

“He’s a real strong person,” he told USA TODAY. I know that he would have made it out. It’s hard to believe that this could have happened.

Astroworld Festival death: 14 year-old is among those who died in a’mass casualty’ incident at Travis Scott concert

Sylvester Turner, Houston mayor, said Saturday that 25 people had been taken to the hospital and that 13 remain in hospital. Officials confirmed that the condition of a 10-year-old boy was critical. Numerous other injuries were reported. At least 11, like Peña, suffered cardiac arrest.

Turner explained that victims of death ranged from the ages of 14 and 27. The age of the one victim was not known. Turner didn’t identify the victims, but said six relatives of eight of them had been informed. Autopsies will be performed before the victims are released to their families, Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo said. 

Travis Scott: Who are you? Here’s everything you need to know concerning the Houston-born rapper ‘Astroworld.

Guadalupe Peña shared details of his brother’s life in the lobby of a Houston hotel Saturday, as his mother paced nearby, wailing occasionally. 

“The one who’s suffering the most is his mom,” he said. 

The youngest of five siblings, Rodolfo Angel Peña was a star wide receiver at Nixon High School in Laredo and was in his last year at Laredo College, he said. He was taking psychology courses, hoping to score a well-paying job with Border Patrol or with U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Also, he was a chiropractor. 

He was well-known and beloved throughout Laredo, said Eduardo Peña, his other brother. He said, “Everyone knew him.” 

Rodolfo Angel Peña loved dancing and was into fashion, Guadalupe Peña said. He loved music. He said he attended the Astroworld Festival 2019, but this was his first Travis Scott concert. 

His family planned to hold a Laredo funeral. They still had a lot of questions about how his brother died, Guadalupe Peña said. 

“He came up yesterday for the concert,” he said. “Next thing we know, he’s gone.”

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