• Millions could be affected by the storm as they travel to Thanksgiving weekend.
  • This storm could bring heavy rains to Interstate-95.
  • This could lead to a major mess in vacation travel.

According to meteorologists, a potential storm that could disrupt travel is expected for parts of the east and central U.S.As early next week. While details about the storm are still being sorted out, millions could be affected by it as they travel to Thanksgiving weekend.

Jon Porter, AccuWeather chief meteorologist said “We might be looking at an enormous mess and a real problem in holiday travel.” According to AAA, Thanksgiving travel is likely to be at or near pre-pandemic levels in this year’s.

According to the National Weather Service, “this storm will remain a major weather focal point due to its timing just before Thanksgiving. However, it will still likely take some time to resolve all details.”

Various scenarios are still in play with the storm; one forecast indicates heavy snow in portions of Minnesota, northern Wisconsin and northern Michigan.

Under this scenario, shifting bands of lake-effect snow and snow squalls are then likely to unfold and could bring locally heavy accumulations from northern Indiana and Michigan to parts of Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland and New York state from Monday to Wednesday, AccuWeather said.

Forecasters believe that the storm could develop more slowly in the Midwest between Sunday and Monday. A spinoff hurricane could then develop quickly on the mid-Atlantic Coast Monday and shift northward into Northeastern states Tuesday.

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It is unlikely that the storm will bring snow to major cities in the Northeast or Mid-Atlantic. However, rain could be a possibility. 

Paul Pastelok from AccuWeather, AccuWeather’s long-range meteorologist, said “This storm may bring a lot rain to Interstate 95 corridor”. He added that flooding streets and highways could cause travel delays.

Forecasters warn that the storm will bring howling winds, which could disrupt air travel at key hubs.

CNN meteorologist Chad Myers explained that airlines may still have to deal with cancellations of flights and crew members who are not in the right place, even as the storm passes by Wednesday. This storm is really unfortunate timing.

Source: USAToday.com


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